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Although P&F made a lot of sense alright but how are we supposed to track, compare and select the best out of a market or sector?! That means having to examine hundreds if not thousands of charts that mostly change everyday and still after long hours of research will only have separate views for each of them alone..

Still there was something missing …

I wanted a solution to knowledgeably and solidly identify the strongest of any group ?!.. Fundamentals helped but still could be plenty of options plus buying on Fundamental basis kind of discards the short term element and many don’t have the luxury of time. Stocks compete everyday and since  I was destined to grow in this career/battlefield I had to find a way to closely monitor these games and anticipate the winners of the next day. I learnt that to survive you must have discipline, from that came the essence of crafting, challenging and tracking my own strategy for a logical, sustainable, 100% opinion free Stock Selection Method.  Took me 10 years till  I got ready to present you with this.

Remember; nothing guarantees success but it helps a lot when you stack all the odds in your favor